Point Radio Staff

Point Radio Staff

The Fall 2022 Team

  • . Sierra Huerta Point Radio Staff

    Sierra Huerta

    Station Manager

    Contact Sierra to answer any and all questions or to direct you to the right manager!


  • . Arielle Pickerign Point Radio Staff

    Arielle Pickerign

    Promotions Manager

    Reach out to Arielle for any social media updates or help with Point Radio merch!


  • . Becky Rookard Point Radio Staff

    Becky Rookard

    Events Manager

    Connect with Becky to partner with us on Point Radio’s concerts and other events!


  • . Emily Esslinger Point Radio Staff

    Emily Esslinger

    Music Manager

    Emily is in charge of all things music so contact her for help with songs or any good recommendations!


  • . Sarah Gleason Point Radio Staff

    Sarah Gleason

    Shows Manager

    Connect with Sarah to learn more about having a show at Point Radio or any other questions about our current shows!


  • . Rick Moncauskas Point Radio Staff

    Rick Moncauskas

    Faculty Supervisor

    Rick represents Point Radio in faculty meetings, fighting for Point Radio and the students who run it.

But don't forget about the teams of the past!
Point Radio owes much of its success to the amazing student staff teams that came before us.

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