Groovin at the Point 2/11/22

velvet starlings sp22 performance

Groovin at the Point 2/11/22

Pink lights cast shadows upon glittery electric guitars and students dancing. As the sun set, Groovin at the Point once again brought students together to enjoy a free concert with local bands.

On a surprise return performance, Point Radio hired Velvet Starlings and Saint Luna. Students had requested these two bands to make a return, and since students were so in love with the bands, so why not bring loved bands back for a concert of love? Celebrating Valentines Day, the concert had special edition stickers that featured cute hearts surrounding a disco ball. In keeping tradition, Spro N’ Dough provided vegan donuts for the event that got quickly devoured by the audience of over 100 students. Valentines love songs serenaded students and staff alike, and the evening was an altogether wonderful one.


Interested in attending the next concert? Follow our Instagram for updates. Have a band you’d love to see at an event? Email us at kplrradiostudio@gmail.com or get in contact with our Events Manager, Hana Strickfaden. We hope to groove out with you soon, and stay tuned for the next event!gallery of 2/11 groovin at the pointgallery of 2/11 groovin at the pointgallery of 2/11 groovin at the point